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Las Vegas, Nevada – OCTOBER, 2009 – Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet, Inc. (ARP), one of the largest no-kill rescue organizations in southern Nevada that rescues animals facing euthanasia, has launched an urgent fundraising appeal. Expansion of their dog rescue ranch and retirement sanctuary is on hold due to lack of finances and existing debt. ARP currently houses 350+ animals between facilities in Las Vegas and Amargosa Valley, Nevada. This year 1,329 dogs have been sterilized, of which 1,289 have been adopted.

Adopt A Rescue Pet is in dire need of financial assistance to cover existing and future veterinary bills, food costs, and rents. Building materials, chain link, fencing materials, dog houses, etc. are also needed to cope with the influx of animals expected to seek assistance in the coming months. If everyone who hears or reads this plea for assistance donates $1 many dogs will can be sterilized and others safe from euthanasia. “We have all received chain letters promising luck if you pass the letter on to 10 people, so imagine 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000. Most of us have $1 in change loose in our car, can afford to skip the soda on the way home from work, or would be willing to pay $1 at the dog park gate. Mediums of communication are amazing in today’s commerce world, so imagine the capability passing the plea to 10 people can accomplish. A dollar from all is all it would take to make a big change in a dogs life.”

Founded in 2000, Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charitable corporation; donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. ARP is committed to assisting animals needing housing, sterilization, and general medical care. Adoption events are held every Saturday & Sunday in the “Best of the West” shopping center at the corner of Lake Mead & Rainbow from 10 am til 3 PM in front of PetSmart and inside the PetSmart on Craig & Martin Luther King (Saturday’s only). Donations are accepted at events or can be mailed to Adopt A Rescue Pet, 422 E. Ranch Road, Amargosa Valley, Nevada 89049. At this time credit card contributions are being accepted on behalf of ARP to cover housing and pallets of food being purchased at wholesale by K-9 Barracks & Bath (702) 452-1976 (due to credit card fees, a donation of $10 is requested as the minimum charge.).

100% of all donations benefit the animals, Adopt A Rescue Pet has no paid employees.


Elizabeth Davis, Founder, Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet, Inc.

422 E. Ranch Road, Amargosa Valley, Nevada 89049

(702) 798-8663,